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Protecting the establishment against undesirable external influences.

Traffic control

Optimal traffic management at an event, targeted use of barriers and proper coordination with the emergency services are all prerequisites for avoiding a crisis.

Event security

Careful planning is essential to making any event a success, from small private or corporate parties, all the way to cultural, sporting or music events. We provide organisers with assistance right from the planning stages. In this way, any out-of-control situations can be avoided and we can make sure that the event is a success.

Trade fairs

At special trade fairs, openings, museums or special exhibitions, visitors and exhibitors, as well as valuable exhibits and installations, have to be supervised, transported and protected.

Patrol and surveillance services

Our surveillance staff monitor your property as often, and as thoroughly, as arranged with you beforehand. In doing so, your site will remain safer for longer. As such, your property is always 100% closed off outside of business hours. What’s more, our internal inspections include switching off any unnecessary, or forgotten, lights, closing any open windows, eliminating potential danger, detecting fire hazards and checking any individuals present.

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Surveillance for refugee accommodation

Accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees needs to be effectively protected from undesirable external influences. This involves warding off aggression coming from the outside, as well as preventing any unwanted persons from entering the accommodation.

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Company philosophy

SABUS is a young, owner-managed company which is constantly expanding. Our main focus is on security services and facility management, yet we also successfully provide practically every kind of service. Our company is characterised by our customer focus, professionalism and determination, as well as our expertise and quick responses. Based in Mannheim, SABUS Sicherheitsdienst & Facility Management GmbH was founded in September 2016. Thanks to almost 16 years’ worth of professional experience and the wide range of services we offer, we have been providing our customers across Germany with top class solutions ever since.

Improved collaborations with the police, emergency services and fire brigade thanks to events being reported.
Detecting fire hazards and checking any individuals present. Everything is documented in detail and made available to yourselves.
Entrances, inner doors, windows, lights, heating and cooling systems, vehicle fleets and products in the warehouse, alarm and fire detection systems etc. are all checked.
Grounds access controls and logs during night shifts, as well as outside normal working hours.