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Patrol and surveillance services

Our surveillance staff monitor your property as often, and as thoroughly, as arranged with you beforehand. In doing so, your site will remain safer for longer.

As such, your property is always 100% closed off outside of business hours. What’s more, our internal inspections include switching off any unnecessary, or forgotten, lights, closing any open windows, eliminating potential danger, detecting fire hazards and checking any individuals present. Everything is documented in detail and made available to yourselves. Our staff can even take action against any illegally parked vehicles - in order to keep access roads clear for emergencies, for example. This service keeps your property and valuables protected against damage and unfortunate events, as well as helping to reduce operating costs in the long term.

More security for you according to your needs, desires and expectations:

  • Patrols inside and outside buildings and grounds

  • Entrances, inner doors, windows, lights, heating and cooling systems, vehicle fleets and products in the warehouse, alarm and fire detection systems etc. are all checked

  • Detecting, remedying and reporting break-in and vandalism attempts, fire hazards, water and gas leakages, damage caused by natural events, etc.

  • Grounds access controls and logs during night shifts, as well as outside normal working hours

Regular patrols deter any potential perpetrators! The following are proven:

  • less vandalism (graffiti, destruction, arson, etc.)

  • a lower risk in terms of youth violence/robbery or bodily injury (potential troublemakers are identified in advance and made to feel unnerved)

  • deterrent effect, patrols around so-called ‘hot spots’ are effective thanks to staff presence

  • improved collaborations with the police, emergency services and fire brigade thanks to events being reported

  • and many more...

You can see for yourself how patrol services could benefit your property. Don’t wait until something happens! Make sure your valuables remain secure with our professional service. We would be happy to provide you with a personalised offer - at a fair price, of course, and with flexible contract terms at a fixed rate to boot. Why not give us a call today?